Intentional Communities of Washtenaw is creating a future where individuals with disabilities can share the common bond of community living in a supportive, dignified and productive manner.

Library VisitWe’re On a Mission

Intentional Communities of Washtenaw (ICW) is a group of parents, families and friends who want to improve the quality of life for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by supporting community living and enhanced social opportunities. Based on a model of “community interdependence,” ICW promotes development of individual strengths and gifts while respecting personal needs and preferences. ICW community building strives to improve the lives of adults with disabilities that:

  • Create unique, high quality housing communities of choice for clusters of 6-10 individuals
  • Provide a Community Builder to live on-site to support independent living and facilitate social activities
  • Develop a large network of families, individuals and businesses who support and participate in social, recreational and educational activities

We’re Building Community

In May, 2008, ICW proudly opened its first community at Summerfield Glen.  Soon after that a second community organized at Woodchase Apartments. There are currently three communities at Summerfield Glen Condominiums/The Park at Sagebrush Circle (formerly Woodchase Apartments). In 2020, ICW opened a new community at Walden Hills.