For ICW, community means attachment to other people, having a sense of place and belonging as part of a group of people who care for, and about, each other. ICW intends to foster, support, build and sustain – in partnerships with agencies, businesses and others – this sense of attachment and belonging for our loved ones in all conceivable living settings. ICW housing options will take many forms and will integrate into the larger community. Further, ICW thinks a community – not only among our children, but among the families of people with disabilities too – supplies the foundational support, resources and commitment that offers security, and the hope of endurance.

Most people with disabilities have a desire to live independently, work, contribute to society and enjoy the company of others. Successful implementation of the Intentional Communities concept will allow individuals the choice to live as they wish and experience a far better quality of life. With these thoughts in mind, here is our vision, mission, and guiding principles:


A future where individuals with disabilities can share the common bond of supportive living in a dignified, productive and independent manner.


To promote stable and sustainable quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities, designed to reduce isolation and develop skills to live interdependently in community setting.

Guiding Principles

  • Most, if not all, young adults with disabilities could live more independently in an intentional community with individual support for daily living and working.
  • A long term and sustainable option to housing choices for adults with disabilities needs to be provided.
  • A collaborative environment reflective of traditional neighborhoods and a strong sense of community among residents will be nurtured.
  • Living in an intentional community setting will offer increased opportunities to supplement publicly supported services with private, non-profit and volunteer support.
  • Working with project partners, residents will have outstanding opportunities for a lifetime of enrichment, lifelong learning, and empowerment to plan and carry out social and recreational activities.